Software Engineering and Development

When it comes to software engineering & development, we offer our services in the following areas:

  • Assistance in kick-starting of development projects
  • Training / consulting in configuration management, revision control, software build, documentation
  • Technical management in software development
  • Specialty and general development

We have worked on mostly backend software :

  • All-kinds of portable libraries
  • Services, CLIs, GUIs
  • Integration of custom Linux distributions (eg. OpenEmbedded/Yocto)
  • Board support packages (drivers, OS configuration bring-up)
  • Customer business logic code
  • Fail-safe software
  • Factory programming and firmware upgrade

We have worked on software for products such as:

  • Linux-based gateways and servers (web services, web servers, machine-to-machine, IoT)
  • HVAC & lighting systems
  • Specialty imaging systems (eg. IR, 3D, mixed-reality)
  • Consumer electronics (eg. cameras, thermostats)
  • Production testing systems
  • Distributed software (eg. fleet management, microservices)
  • On and off-highway vehicle tracking systems
  • Power management systems
  • Digital signage and kiosks
  • Custom data storage systems
  • Signal processing

Proof of Concept and Prototypes Development

With our in-house systems engineering expertise and equipment, as well as our network of vetted contacts, we can bring your hardware+software idea into a cost-effective proof of concept, so your ideas becomes clearer and your project ready for its next stage:

  • Seizing, identification of R&D tasks and risks
  • PoC development
  • System architecture & specifications

Tooling and Test Benches Development

Ex Makhina has expertise in development of cost-effective test benches software and systems.

Areas of expertise:

  • Test bench architecture (vs. cost/performance metrics)
  • Hardware in the loop simulation test benches
  • Non-real-time (accelerated) software-only simulators
  • Design of conditioning hardware using COTS and custom components
  • Inclusion of real or simulated sensors and actuators, and communication buses
  • Design of precision mechanical fixtures
  • Computation and signal processing
  • System performance modelling and characterization, calibration
  • System documentation, training

Typical applications are:

  • Hardware manufacturing (production testing in factories)
  • Systems V&V purposes (eg. in the aerospace & transportation industries)


While almost everybody has a QA department, we can bring added value in some specific areas of testing:

  • Advanced hardware+software testing (automation)
  • Advanced testing training
  • Performance testing
  • Pre-certification product testing

Services in Manufacturing

We can help you bring your manufacturing processes to another level affordably, with our abilities in:

  • Production Modelling & Process Control
  • Process Engineering
  • Production testing equipment design
  • Documentation (document control, PLM, BOM, SOP)
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (optimization of CAM methods)

Product Development

This is something that we normally don’t do, because we want to stay away of your core business. But if you feel like delegating a product development, you can still talk to us about it. We may refer you vetted partners or maybe undertake the project ourselves.

Other Value-Added Services

  • Algorithm (and implementation) development, eg:
    • Computer vision
    • Machine learning
    • DSP (audio/video)
    • Geometric / orientation / mechanical processing
    • Computer graphics
  • Simulations
    • Finite Elements Analysis
    • Ad-hoc simulations
  • Computing
    • High Performance Computing (GPGPU, FPGA, distributed)
    • Performance Optimization (profiling, refactoring and algorithmic optimization, intrinsics and assembly, code generation)
  • Digital Imaging Software
    • Real-time image/video analysis and processing
    • Integration of video streaming, compression, recording and play-back solutions
    • Specialty imaging (eg. giga-panorama processing, ISP, IR photography, thermal imaging, 3D reconstruction)
  • Operational research
  • Troubleshooting


  • Data-related IT services (backup, restoration)
  • Specialty digitization
  • Technical recruiting


Our portfolio of realizations is not public at the moment. Contact us to inquire.


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