Our Company

Our bread and butter is embedded software development, but our expertise stretches far beyond. From startups to established businesses, we tailor our approach to match your vision and needs, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. We are based in Montréal, Canada, and work for clients around the globe.

ExMakhina was born in 2009 with roots in M2M/IoT enablement; since 2015 we have also been providing expert-level consulting services in embedded software with clients in the hardware product development or manufacturing industries, that for example take advantage of our know-how in test bench development and automation, and start-ups relying on our responsiveness, polyvalence and creativity developing solutions in domains such as imaging and signal processing.

Today we are dividing our activity in 3 poles: software development (more oriented towards production), R&D services (more oriented towards innovation), and other value-added services (more oriented about domain-specific or technological know-how).

Why we do what we do

Our passionate crew is driven by the challenges our industry partners face. Through our experiences, we’ve transitioned into consulting, which allows us to focus on issues relevant to our varied clientele, and essentially to stay sharp and at the leading edge of technology. By empowering our partners to excel, they, in turn, fuel our growth — creating a symbiotic relationship that drives mutual success.

Our Team

Jérôme Carretero, CEO

Jérôme applies computing power, his rigorous and creative mind, as well as a well-furnished toolbox at finding solutions to various kinds of problems. He has extensive experience as a designer and developer of general purpose, simulation, and critical software; he has an affinity for high-performance applications, data processing and visualization, any kind of simulation, control and mechatronics. He is a F/LOSS enthusiast.

Alexandru Jora, Vice President

Alexandru distinguishes himself as a skilled software developer and synergistic team player. With his solid foundations and versatility, he can quickly adapt to various settings and generate a positive impact. Driven by innate motivation, Alexandru employs his pragmatic mindset to navigate complex situations and address the crux of problems.

Stéphane Laroche, Advisor

Stéphane is a versatile engineer with varied knowledge of hardware and software and a good science and research background. Being strongly self-taught, he is resourceful in his knowledge seeking to find solution to various problems or just to satisfy an avid curiosity in many areas. He started coding almost two decades ago and has experience in various fields of computer science and engineering, as in system software development, computer graphics, medical imaging and statistical signal processing. He has great creativity coupled with a rigorously analytical mind that likes complex problems.

Qingyi Han, Consultant

Qingyi is our simulation specialist. She is a generalist engineer with domain knowledge of electrical distribution and medical imaging technologies. She is also the liaison with Chinese partners.