The extra-lean technology and product development partner

We are Ex Makhina, and we’re here to help. We are an engineering team that strives to provide the best bang-for-the-buck added-value services that could be. Our bread and butter is embedded software, but we will be your go-to partner for so much more (NOT web site creation though, as you could tell from the looks of this page).

Our goal is to apply the wisdom principles of sustainable development, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, to provide faster, cheaper and reusable IT solutions.

Based in Montréal, Canada, Ex Makhina is a lean company that provides specialized software/systems development and consulting services at a competitive cost. We pride ourselves on our competitive team, our strong foundation in science and engineering, our work ethic, as well as relevant experience and striving to stay sharp and provide long-term satisfaction; these empower us to produce high-quality solutions with minimal effort, as well as having the flexibility to have impact in a range of scenarios. We collaborate with our customers to fully understand their needs and vision, in order to develop efficient, effective solutions. We save their time and money by implementing best practices, integrating combinations of free or commercial off-the-shelf and custom components. We usually provide solutions in the domain of embedded systems, but our engineers have a broader expertise which could be appreciated. We usually enjoy working:

  • On punctual missions on matters that are not in our customer’s core business, providing our customer with a solution and the way to build upon our contribution. But we can also perform complete product development mandates, or even be completely integrated with their team to support it, depending on the cases.
  • From the beginning of projects… But the reality is that we are sometimes called a later in the game, when our customers realize they really need help. Don’t worry, this is vocational. If you’re in a hard place, you can always contact us, because there is a reason the company is called like this. There are chances we could help you and save the day.

When it comes to software, our engineers strive to create high-quality software with efficiency, openness and security in mind and think ahead (easing maintenance and reuse, improving ROI). We’ll work with our customers to develop new software or update an existing piece of code. Over the years we’ve developed software for a broad range of industries. Ex Makhina developed an expertise in certain fields, take a look at our services page.